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My Task – 2



Chop Zuey

Jewelry: Fairy Bold White Demi ParureChop Zuey
Set includes: Choker & Earrings (worn as Bindi) Resizer Option


Mutiny in Heaven

Dress: Lei e il Capo Coat DressMutiny in Heaven
Mesh Bodies Compatible: Belleza, Maitreya, Slink & Classic Fitted
HUD: 11 Color choices

Shoes: Lei e il Capo Thigh BootsMutiny in Heaven
Mesh Bodies Compatible: Belleza, Maitreya & Slink
HUD: 11 Color choices

Stuff in my Closet

Hair: Signe – KoKoLoReS
Gloves: The Zoo – F&M Panic
Eyeshadow: Rustic – Veechi
Lipstick: Harvest Lip Glaze – Veechi
Poses: Disseminated Anime Style – Bauhaus Movement

Flower Power


Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday Virtual Diva…
Happy Birthday to you!

In a garden of weeds, a Flower rose among them.
Surviving 8 years, the Flower thrived — weathering great storms.
Now, holding it’s head up high, the flower gleams with pride.
I am, of course, speaking of Virtual Diva who is currently
celebrating her 8th Anniversary.
Showing customer appreciation, Virtual Diva’s store is chock full of
Group Gifts with the Flor Gown being one of them.


Popping with color and named Flor for a reason, this gown features
two Head Accessories, Chest Piece and a Flexi Train.
I chose not to wear the train since I wanted you to have a clear
look-see of the gown itself.
Sizes are classic standard, however, she is mesh body compatible
using your body’s alpha.

As far as fashion goes,
the Flor Gown is: High Furshion Approved!
Furshion Approved





Gown: Flor (Group Gift) – Virtual Diva Couture
Hair: Skyler – Jumo
Jewelry Set: Abelia – Beloved (@ the July DAZZLE Event)
Eyeshadow: Spring Cut Crease – Veechi
Lipstick: Felicity – Zibska
Prop: Lil Tree Barrel Planter – Roawenwood

Karats anyBODY?

Cabbit Stretch

“Curly was wrong.  There are two things.
<glancing at pointed index finger> Whatever the hell this is…..
and goooold. 
Let’s go get it.”

~ Jack Palance (Duke) – City Slickers 2 ~

There is just something about Gold.
It epitomizes wealth and power.
Yet, it’s pure metal is soft and will bend if worn as jewelry.
To keep it’s shape, it must be alloyed with other metals,
so whatever you are wearing right now, isn’t pure.
In my opinion, pure is boring and diverse is divine….

Alaskametro has always given us a choice to be who
and what we desire to be.
This is why I have followed and loved her work for years.
Makeup, Skins, Clothing…it’s all there at your disposal.

Cabbit Silence

GIGI, Alaskametro’s latest addition to individuality,
is an applier lingerie set in 5 metallic shimmery colors.
I am, of course, wearing GOLD.
Currently at anyBODY, she features shiny metallic straps,
semi-sheer sparkle fabric panels and sparkle stay ups.
HUD comes with options  to wear her with or without bra / stockings.
Materials appliers for Omega and Maitreya are included
as well as system layers for classic avatars.

Give me a break!
GIGI, my ears, tail, claws and paws are packing our bags
and hitting a new path.
We’re never looking back…..

Lingerie: GIGI – Alaskametro
Hair: Dream – Lamb
Necklace: Violet – SP Piaggio
Bangles: Baroque – Bowtique
Anklets: Jess – Alaskametro
Eyeliner: Matte Winged – Veechi
Lipstick: Creme Brown – Alaskametro
Nails: Bento Stiletto – ZOZ
Rug: Thick Fur – Dysfunctionality
Poses: Reasons Unknow – west end
Stretchy – Extra


Full of You


“Once in a Blue Moon.”

You’ve heard this phrase  and may have even coined it yourself.
Referring to something that is very rare,
Once in a Blue Moon dates back to medieval England.
Luckily, you don’t have to worry about such things as rarity since
Stone’s Works has reach back in time to bring you your own Blue Moon.

A DAZZLE Event Exclusive, Over the Moon for You is a darling crescent moon necklace dangling a heart on a silver chain.
But, what if crescent moons aren’t your thing?
What if you’re superstitious like the Victorians.

StonesWorksFullMoonNot to worry!
Stone’s Works has got you covered with Over the Moon,
another DAZZLE Event Exclusive.
This Full Moon Necklace enclosing a detailed heart,
hangs freely from a silver chain.
Now, it will be easy to roll your money around in your hand
while gazing at a new moon.
(The Victorians believed that would double your money)


Necklace: Over the Moon Exclusive – Stone’s Works
Necklace: Over the Moon for You Exclusive – Stone’s Works
Outfit: Romp – siss boom
Hair: Down Blow – Tableau Vivant
Eyeshadow: Frosted Glitter w/Liner – Veechi
Lips: Pixie Glitter – Glamorize
Prop/Background: Relax in the clouds – Jinx