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My favorite element.
I’m a Geek and if there is a Spellcaster in the game I’m playing,
I will choose Fire as my element time and time again.
It’s powerful — leaving only traces of it’s target.
It’s final.
There is no going back.
An article written by the Smithsonian last year states that
84% of all Wildfires are started by us.
Not machinery or something faulty.
My son can attest to this fact when he passed by a public
ashtray a few weeks ago and witnessed a fire starting
due to someone not putting out their cigarette.
Thank goodness he was there.
I would have been devastated to know my favorite Korean Market
had gone up in flames.
There are fires, however, that put the positive in motion.
Besides, being essential for cooking, heat and all it’s other obvious uses,
fire mesmerizes and magnetizes.
Stone’s WorksWizard Flame Hat has the same affect.


I don’t want to set the world on fire.
I just want to start a flame in your heart.
In my heart I have but one desire.
And that one is you, no other will do.

The beginning lyrics to one of my favorite classic tunes.

I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire by The Ink Spots
reminds me of Stone’s tribute to Spellcasters since
this hat doesn’t find it necessary to be grandiose in size
nor shout with loud colors or patterns.
We Spellcasters never want our opponent to see us coming.
Subtlety is necessary as we charge up a fireball to take them out.
Raisin colored, wrapped in a silky band and finished off with
a buckled flickering flame, the Wizard Flame Hat gives the
jump on the opposition.

So, pass the word.
In fact, let me tell one more person.
Yo!  Harry…..

Hat: Wizard Flame – Stone’s Works
Dress: Spiked – Zenith
Cardigan: Assi – C’est la vie
Bodysuit: Kitty Kitty – Mutiny in Heaven
Hair: Saturday – Rama Salon
Eyeshadow: Aysun – Zibska
*The Seasons Story Anniversary Gift
Lipstick: Bliss – Zibska
*Lipstick currently @ this October’s The Seasons Story
Poses/Prop: The Lantern – Image Essentials
Location: HappyMood (HPMD)

Diamond Jim’s Gem


Diamond Jim Brady.
Born James Buchanan Brady, Diamond Jim was an American businessman
and financier of the Gilded Age.
Known for his ferocious appetite, he would sometimes consume
enough for 10 people sparking his favorite restaurateur to say
that he was, “…the best 25 customers I ever had.”

Diamond Jim Hat.
Born Diamond Jim Belted Charleston, this hat is a Second Life
creation of the current age.
Know for it’s wide curved brim,  it sometimes captivates the
attention of passersby sparking the wearer to fling their
hair back and say, “I’m sexy and I know it.”


Stone’s Works has done it again!
This time with the Diamond Jim Belted Charleston Hat available
right now with six other of Stone’s designs @ the Waterhorse Faire.
Dark and rich in color, this larger than life original
is Unisex and adapts completely to it’s wearer.
Dress it up.
Dress it down.
But, no matter how you dress, Diamond Jim is a total gem….

Diamond Jim Belted Charleston Hat has been stamped:

Furshion Approved
Hat: Diamond Jim Belted Charleston Grey – Stone’s Works
Swimsuit: Janelle – Alaskametro
Outerwear: Dexter Surcoat – 6DOO
Hair: Desi – DOUX
Sunglasses: Laian – [Z O O M]
Lipstick: Bethal – PB Designs
Prop: Takeaway – ChicChica
Location: Knotty Beach

Enhancing The Night


(Let Me)
Show you how I feel
(Be the one)
That I need so much
(Let me)
Give you what is real
(Be the one)
That I long to touch

~ Let Me Be The One – Expose~


I’m in a romantic mood and I’ve found a way to express it.
Moroccan Nights by Stone’s Works is enhancing my nights
with this sexy all in one Furniture and Backdrop setting.
Featuring 14 Single and 9 Cuddle Animations, at a mere
29 prims, this must have is a steal.
Actually, it’s on sale @ Steals and Deals
from July 13th till the 16th.
After that, the price will rise.
Sort of like how my temperature is now….
Furniture: Moroccan Nights – Stone’s Works


Bodysuit: Chakra – Moon Elixir
Hair: Rowena – Analog Dog

On The Prowl


In passing from my bedroom to the kitchen yesterday,
I caught a long glimpse of a documentary about cats on Netflix.
Fascinating little devils, they are.
They love to squeeze themselves into small spaces….
…even the inside of a hat.
In keeping with my furry friends, I’ve put this head of mine into a
DAZZLE Event Exclusive by Stone’s Works.


The Zebra Butterfly Fedora is a chic hat for any head — furry or not.
In crisp white with a black band, it is embellished with a stylish bow
and butterfly on it’s right side.
Got a head below or beyond the ‘normal’ size?
Not to worry!
This fedora comes equipped with a resizer.

So pounce your way over to DAZZLE.
Stone’s Works will have you looking purrrfect.


Hat: Zebra Butterfly Fedora – Stone’s Works

Corset/Pants: Soiree – Pixicat
Hair: 002 – eep
Tie: Necklace/Tie Pack 1 – BelleP. Apparel
Makeup: Meow Full Face – SlackGirl
Tattoo: Wild Leopard – Soul
Polish: Liv Light – ZOZ
Location: The Chapter Four

Say It Ain’t So

StonesWorksFantasyFaire2Rumor has it that you may not have been to the Fantasy Faire.
How is that possible?
Perhaps you’re not aware that the Fantasy Faire, now in it’s 10th year,
is a benefit for Relay for Life.
Over 200 creators have banned together in an effort to eradicate cancer.
One such designer is Stone’s Works.

Located in Erstwhile at the Faire, Stone’s Works throws their hat in the ring
(pun very much intended) with a larger than life yet elegant topper.
IT’S TIME LADIES HAT in White & Blue Silk with
White and Black Flexi Feathers can be copied and resized
and is waiting for you to snatch it up.

Also waiting to be added to your wardrobe is their
WHITE LACE NECK CORSET w/ Blue & Silver Beaded Chains & Cameo.
The corset is fitmesh.  However, the attached necklace can be adjusted and resized.

One last thing….


100% of the proceeds from the hat and neck corset go to the cancer society.
So, if you didn’t have an incentive to go before, you certainly do now.
Cancer has no respect of person.
One never knows whose door it will be knocking on next…

Hat: It’s Time Ladies – Stone’s Works
Accessory: White Lace Neck Corset – Stone’s Works

Earrings: Avery – GeWunjo
Eyeshadow: Avery – PB Designs
Lipstick: Avery (just kidding. It’s really..) Deep Matte – Livia


Full of You


“Once in a Blue Moon.”

You’ve heard this phrase  and may have even coined it yourself.
Referring to something that is very rare,
Once in a Blue Moon dates back to medieval England.
Luckily, you don’t have to worry about such things as rarity since
Stone’s Works has reach back in time to bring you your own Blue Moon.

A DAZZLE Event Exclusive, Over the Moon for You is a darling crescent moon necklace dangling a heart on a silver chain.
But, what if crescent moons aren’t your thing?
What if you’re superstitious like the Victorians.

StonesWorksFullMoonNot to worry!
Stone’s Works has got you covered with Over the Moon,
another DAZZLE Event Exclusive.
This Full Moon Necklace enclosing a detailed heart,
hangs freely from a silver chain.
Now, it will be easy to roll your money around in your hand
while gazing at a new moon.
(The Victorians believed that would double your money)


Necklace: Over the Moon Exclusive – Stone’s Works
Necklace: Over the Moon for You Exclusive – Stone’s Works
Outfit: Romp – siss boom
Hair: Down Blow – Tableau Vivant
Eyeshadow: Frosted Glitter w/Liner – Veechi
Lips: Pixie Glitter – Glamorize
Prop/Background: Relax in the clouds – Jinx