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Give Me Some Skin


High 5!
Greetings, Mon.

Since my eldest son has been back home from Hawaii,
I’ve become more aware of the different ways people greet each other.
No matter how you wiggle your fingers, fold your hands and bump
your bodies, it all sums up to a “Hello.  Good to see ya!”
How you are received plays a great part in how your interaction between you
and the Greeter will play out.
If they come at you foul, unless you are a saint or practice meditation,
chances are you won’t feel so peaceful.
It’s give and take….

….you gave me some skin at the beginning (handshake).
And I’m showing you some skin.
(Susan by POM)


Scare Me Silly, brought to you by Team Diabetes of Second Life, is in it’s
3rd year of raising funds for The American Diabetes Association.
POM has joined this charity event with Susan — an ultra-sexy, barely-there Romper.
Compatible with Belleza and Maitreya Mesh Bodies, this ruffled delight comes
in Lilac, Pink, Raspberry and Yellow.

Now, I want something sweet.
Any suggestions……

Romper: Susan – POM
Hair: Eurso – Besom
Hat: WitchHat SeeAllEvil – ZK
Shoes: Marjorie Heels – NOIR
Socks: Tube Long – Classy Chics
Glasses: Bebe Shades – Avanti
Eyeliner: Studio Highliners – WILD
Lipstick: Bethal – PB Designs
Plushie: Whaley Patches – Culprit
Vanity: Candy – Kei’s Spot
Neon Sign: Pumpkin Princess – Kres

I Want It Yesterday


We all have them.
For myself, I insist on having something delicious to eat
while watching my Kdramas.
The experience isn’t nearly as sexy if I don’t.
In Second Life, my demands aren’t nearly as simple.
I must dress according to my way of style and look fierce while doing it.

Well, look who’s here, Everyone.
It’s Wicca Merlin!
What do you have to share with us today?
The Mia Body?
Let’s take a closer look….


The Mia Body is a sexier than whip cream bodysuit currently
at the Red Light District Event.
Compatible with Freya, Hourglass and Maitreya Bodies only,
Mia comes with a Multi-color and Metal HUD to mix and match her body,
straps and metal your way.
You demand attention, versatility and an original?
Mia delivers!
Gawd, I love Wicca’s Wardrobe.
She makes me feel all fuzzy inside.
Give me a kiss.
That was a demand ……

Bodysuit: Mia Body – Wicca’s Wardrobe
Hair/Harness: Control – Spellbound
Collar: Asema – Wicca’s Wardrobe
Garter/Gun: Viper – KC Couture
Prop: Green Balloon: Exposeur
Poses: Disseminated Anime Style # 27 & 29 – Bauhaus Movement
Neon Sign: Hold me, Kiss me, Love me – Avenge

Sizzling Hot


It’s heating up, ya’ll!

Here in California, the weather has been in the 90’s as of late
which means it’s time to eat ice cream (as if I needed an excuse),
turn on the fans and wear as little clothing as possible
without being arrested.
Luckily, we don’t have to worry about such things in our virtual world
because Sakura, June’s DAZZLE Event Exclusive by AvaGirl would surely
throw us under the jail.

This super sweet number is Asian sexy and is available in
Blossom, Lilac & Pink.  She is Mesh Body compatible
and comes paired with her own G-string.
Wear her if you dare….


Also at this month’s DAZZLE by AvaGirl is Sakura’s Retreat
a gorgeous log Bench w/ Singles, Friends,
Cuddles & Kiss Animations (Rated PG).
The flowers and grass you see are attached, so all you need to do
is rezz it and get your pose on.
Sakura’s Retreat isn’t a DAZZLE Exclusive, but it is a new product.
That means if you hurry, you can be the first on your block to own it.


Dress/G String: Sakura – AvaGirl (Exclusive)
Bench: Sakura’s Retreat – AvaGirl (New)

Hair: COR200 – booN
Hairbase: Mongolian – SIIX
Shoes: Kempsville Sandals – Heels
Crown/Necklace: Edrielle – Luas
Umbrella: Hanako – Luas
Eyeshadow: Ocean Sunset – alaskametro
Lipstick: Blossom – alaskametro
Polish: Passion – ZOZ

Bringing the Heat


I don’t know why I love Disco so much.
Perhaps it’s because the height of it’s popularity was during
my adolescence.  Being raised a church girl, I secretly
wanted to be free, laugh and dance like the others my age.
Well, that was then and Summer Heat is now!

Exclusive to the DAZZLE Event, ROA brings us a sweet and sexy dress
perfect for raising temperatures.


Summer Heat is light and airy — the perfect combination
for those who got to boogie.
She comes with two texture HUDS, is compatible with most Mesh Bodies
and gives me the inspiration to dance like I’m a teenager again.

Grab her.
Wear her.
Be sexy.

Dress: Summer Heat – ROA

Boots: Jenkins Block – Heels @ Designer Showcase
Hair: Lida – Sintiklia
Shades: Sarie Fashion – Z O O M
Tights: Sheer – Izzie’s
Bracelets: Claire – AvaWay
Lips: Mistress – alaskametro
Polish: Ombre Night – ZOZ
Location: The Whale

Lounging Around


Mom: Oh my god.  We look like bums!
Son: We’re at home.  We’re suppose to look like bums.

A conversation between my son and I a few years back.
I remember it because he made me laugh long and hard
with his response and I think about it every time I feel less than stellar.
Actually, that’s not true because I’m thinking about it now and I look
chic and very sexy in I.M. Collection‘s DAZZLE Event Exclusive.


Miss Cookie is her name and my goodness, she’s yummy.
Available in Black, Navy, Purple, Red, Rose and White, this gorgeous
teddy is compatible with most Mesh Bodies only.

Miss Cookie makes it impossible to look like something
the cat dragged in.
Bums-ville is no more.
Think this would look good on my son, too?

Lingerie: Miss Cookie Teddy – I.M. Collection
Hair: Star – Lamb.
Necklace: Knotted Shimmer Pearls – Maxi Gossamer
Eyeshadow: Jojo – SlackGirl
Lips: 0-LP08 Orchid – GA.EG
Polish: Calypso – Mani Pedi
Furniture: Mischa Lounger – Trompe Loeil

Panties Optional


The Chic, The Sexy.
That is the DAZZLE Event’s theme for May.

The Chic, The Sexy, The Revealer.
That is Vickie.


At DAZZLE, there is a sexy smexy Exclusive waiting for you.
Vickie  by zOOm, is a eye-opening mini dress with a plunging neckline
and a hem that barely covers your front and rear ends.
She comes with a fitmesh Wrap and both Silver and Gold
versions of the dress are included.
Compatible with Freya, Hourglass & Maitreya Mesh Bodies only.

Btw, your own panties are optional.
I don’t know about you, but I like to live dangerously.

Dress: Vickie
Fitmesh Wrap in classic standard sizes

Hair: Rhythm – Puft
Hairbase: Mongolian – Siix
Boots: Scilla – #Empire
Earrings: Fan Gold – ChicChica
Eyeshadow: Whytch – alaskametro
Lips: Astrid – Glamorize
Polish: Natural Gold – LIVIA


Shine Bright or Bust


I admit it.
I’m stressed.
I’ve bitten off quite a bit and although I can chew it,
it’s as tough as shoe leather.
But, I’m gonna shine regardless!

On those days when I feel my light is dimming,
glancing at my nails is a guaranteed pick-me-up.
The DAZZLE Event holds the key to my salvation with
some of the most festive nail polish in Second Life.
I’m speaking of Calypso by Mani Pedi.

~Mani Pedi~ Calypso Polish Applier

A DAZZLE Exclusive, Calypso is pretty shinny with colors that
will match nearly every garment in your wardrobe.
Appliers included are for Maitreya, Slink & Omega.
With just one click of the HUD, your fingers and toesy woesies
will glimmer for all to see.
Now, if I can just nail down a date….
(pun intended)

Polish: Calypso – Mani Pedi
Negligee: Lana – Valentina E.
Hair: Samantha – D!va
Rings: Lexis – Candy Crunchers
Makeup: Beach Day – alaskametro
Cellphone: #pinupselfie – Exposeur