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Give Me Some Skin


High 5!
Greetings, Mon.

Since my eldest son has been back home from Hawaii,
I’ve become more aware of the different ways people greet each other.
No matter how you wiggle your fingers, fold your hands and bump
your bodies, it all sums up to a “Hello.  Good to see ya!”
How you are received plays a great part in how your interaction between you
and the Greeter will play out.
If they come at you foul, unless you are a saint or practice meditation,
chances are you won’t feel so peaceful.
It’s give and take….

….you gave me some skin at the beginning (handshake).
And I’m showing you some skin.
(Susan by POM)


Scare Me Silly, brought to you by Team Diabetes of Second Life, is in it’s
3rd year of raising funds for The American Diabetes Association.
POM has joined this charity event with Susan — an ultra-sexy, barely-there Romper.
Compatible with Belleza and Maitreya Mesh Bodies, this ruffled delight comes
in Lilac, Pink, Raspberry and Yellow.

Now, I want something sweet.
Any suggestions……

Romper: Susan – POM
Hair: Eurso – Besom
Hat: WitchHat SeeAllEvil – ZK
Shoes: Marjorie Heels – NOIR
Socks: Tube Long – Classy Chics
Glasses: Bebe Shades – Avanti
Eyeliner: Studio Highliners – WILD
Lipstick: Bethal – PB Designs
Plushie: Whaley Patches – Culprit
Vanity: Candy – Kei’s Spot
Neon Sign: Pumpkin Princess – Kres

Diamond Jim’s Gem


Diamond Jim Brady.
Born James Buchanan Brady, Diamond Jim was an American businessman
and financier of the Gilded Age.
Known for his ferocious appetite, he would sometimes consume
enough for 10 people sparking his favorite restaurateur to say
that he was, “…the best 25 customers I ever had.”

Diamond Jim Hat.
Born Diamond Jim Belted Charleston, this hat is a Second Life
creation of the current age.
Know for it’s wide curved brim,  it sometimes captivates the
attention of passersby sparking the wearer to fling their
hair back and say, “I’m sexy and I know it.”


Stone’s Works has done it again!
This time with the Diamond Jim Belted Charleston Hat available
right now with six other of Stone’s designs @ the Waterhorse Faire.
Dark and rich in color, this larger than life original
is Unisex and adapts completely to it’s wearer.
Dress it up.
Dress it down.
But, no matter how you dress, Diamond Jim is a total gem….

Diamond Jim Belted Charleston Hat has been stamped:

Furshion Approved
Hat: Diamond Jim Belted Charleston Grey – Stone’s Works
Swimsuit: Janelle – Alaskametro
Outerwear: Dexter Surcoat – 6DOO
Hair: Desi – DOUX
Sunglasses: Laian – [Z O O M]
Lipstick: Bethal – PB Designs
Prop: Takeaway – ChicChica
Location: Knotty Beach

Decisions Decisions


I’ve said it many times before, but the fact remains….
I must be one of the most indecisive people from my generation
and HUDs with multiple choices are a killer.
D!vine Style’s Exclusive currently @ DAZZLE has no idea that I’m dying…

The Penelope outfit which is a cropped top and belted shorts,
is just in time for Spring.
Cute, light and sexy, this set comes with the most comprehensive
texture HUD I have ever experienced.
Besides the many choices to change the top, shorts and belt
separately, it also has Tint, Transparency and other options to completely
customize your look.
Penelope is compatible with most Mesh Bodies and also comes with
Classic Standard Sizes.


Narrator: “Two. Thousand. Years. Later…”

Ya’ll, I’m still trying to decide.
Should I go with the wild pattern textures, geometric or flowers?

Top/Shorts: Penelope – D!vine Style

Hair w/Hat: Isabella – Clawtooth
Shoes: Super Thigh Boots – HOC Industries
Eyeshadow: Avery – PB Designs
Lips: Bethal – PB Designs
Polish: Sweet Things Candycorn – alaskametro
Companion: Silly Shibes – Jian
Location: Cranium Bay

Say It Ain’t So

StonesWorksFantasyFaire2Rumor has it that you may not have been to the Fantasy Faire.
How is that possible?
Perhaps you’re not aware that the Fantasy Faire, now in it’s 10th year,
is a benefit for Relay for Life.
Over 200 creators have banned together in an effort to eradicate cancer.
One such designer is Stone’s Works.

Located in Erstwhile at the Faire, Stone’s Works throws their hat in the ring
(pun very much intended) with a larger than life yet elegant topper.
IT’S TIME LADIES HAT in White & Blue Silk with
White and Black Flexi Feathers can be copied and resized
and is waiting for you to snatch it up.

Also waiting to be added to your wardrobe is their
WHITE LACE NECK CORSET w/ Blue & Silver Beaded Chains & Cameo.
The corset is fitmesh.  However, the attached necklace can be adjusted and resized.

One last thing….


100% of the proceeds from the hat and neck corset go to the cancer society.
So, if you didn’t have an incentive to go before, you certainly do now.
Cancer has no respect of person.
One never knows whose door it will be knocking on next…

Hat: It’s Time Ladies – Stone’s Works
Accessory: White Lace Neck Corset – Stone’s Works

Earrings: Avery – GeWunjo
Eyeshadow: Avery – PB Designs
Lipstick: Avery (just kidding. It’s really..) Deep Matte – Livia