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My Task – 5




Sweater & Skirt Outfit: Salma – zOOm
Mesh Body Compatible: eBody, Freya, Isis, Slink & Maitreya
HUD: Sweater (Two Textures – Black/Grey) & Skirt 12 Textures


Chop Zuey

Jewelry: Lady Ba of the Nine Heavens Gold Face Piercing Collection – Chop Zuey
Set includes Piercings for: Eyes(Brows), Nose, Cheeks, Labrette A/B & Septum
HUD: 6 Jewels & 6 Pearls. Resizer option
Mani Pedi

Nail Polish: Bokeh – Mani Pedi
HUD: 7 Ombre Colors
Mesh Hands/Feet Compatible: Maitreya, Slink & Omega

Stuff in my Closet

Hair: Mimmi – Vanity Hair
Shoes: Lust Boots – Sage
Tights: Chevron – Izzie’s
Scarf: Owlsome – MoonAmore+Cureless
Eyeshadow: Queenie – Supernatural
Lipstick: Tess – LIVIA
Pose1: Leaning Wall – Korper Poses
Pose2: allison – Serendipity
Background: Neon Grid #3 – RAMA

My Task – 4



Mani Pedi

Nail Polish: Bokeh – Mani Pedi
HUD: 7 Ombre Colors
Mesh Hands/Feet Compatible: Maitreya, Slink & Omega


Luxury Fashion

Outfit: Penelope – Luxury Fashion
Set includes: Dress & Boots
Dress – Mesh Body Compatible: Belleza, Slink & Maitreya
HUD: 10 Texture choices
Boots – Mesh Feet Compatible: Maitreya & Slink
(Black Only)

Stuff in my Closet

Hair/w Hat: Gabby – taketomiWEST
Tights: Nell (#2) – C’est la vie
Eyeshadow: Glitterbug – Booty’s Beauty
Lipstick: Mistress – alaskametro
Prop: Zombie Day Gun – Coming Soon
Umbrella: In the Spring Play – RC Cluster
Hearts: Broken – Upcycled
Pose: Nail (5) – Insomnia Angel
Backdrop/Pose: Hex Wall (posed slightly modified) – Exposeur
Wall Art: Love You Like Biscuits & Gravy – Simply Shelby

My Task – 3



Chop Zuey

Jewelry: Tigrissa – Chop Zuey
Set includes: Collar, Large/Small Earrings & Bracelets
HUD: 18 Stones, 18 Accents & 2 Metals. Resizer Option


Mani Pedi

Nail Polish: Bokeh – Mani Pedi
HUD: 7 Ombre Colors
Mesh Hands/Feet Compatible: Maitreya, Slink & Omega


Stuff in my Closet

Outfit: Mademoiselle Tux – Valentina E
Hair: Vanessa – Analog Dog
Makeup: Wytch – alaskametro
Cigarette: Cool for Woman – Happy Dispatch
Chair: Puebla – KraftWork
Screen: Asian Kanji – HOC Industries

My Task


That’s the number of items currently in my inventory
and it’s growing.
It’s nearly uncontrollable with me not really knowing
exactly what I have in there.
Received items never embraced.
Boxes never peaked in.
Clothing & Accessories never worn.
There may be light at the end of my wardrobe nightmare.
It comes in the form of a task I’ve been given.
A challenge, if you will.
Until I can make sense of the dumping ground I call a closet,
I am to refrain from any further purchases and only wear
new discoveries in my inventory.
At first, I thought “Hell nah!”
But, it’s actually been fun — like I’m going shopping all over again.
With that said, all following blog entries will not be the usual stories.
I’m taking this perfect opportunity for me to turn this blog back
to what I originally envisioned — to be a PLOG. (Photo Blog)
So, without further ado….
My Task – 1.



anny’s Fashion

Dress: Nathy Gilt Metallicsanny’s Fashion
Compatible Mesh Bodies: Belleza, eBody Curvy, Maitreya, Slink & Tonic
Hud: 12 Colors

Beloved Jewelry

Jewelry: GaleniaBeloved Jewelry
Set includes: Long Necklace, Choker, Earrings & Tiara Headband
12 Metal Choices
33 Accent Gemstone Options or HIDE
33 Bead Gemstone Colors

Mani Pedi

Nail Polish: BokehMani Pedi
HUD: 7 Ombre Colors
Mesh Hands/Feet Compatible: Maitreya, Slink & Omega

Stuff in my Closet

Hair: Sonata – Puft
Headpiece: Sugar Skull Headband – 187
Gloves: Kat Fingerless – R3volt
Shoes: Margot Boots – NOIR
Lipstick: Crazy Talk – Booty’s Beauty
Pose2: Stand my Ground – Fashiowl
Background/Pose1: SLacMan – KraftWork

Drip Dry


I can’t swim.
Years of lessons and several near drownings later,
I still can’t seem to grasp the concept.
Attention Mermaids:  this girl is envious.
I don’t, however, envy your lack of legs.
I need to wear heels so I can kick an ass or two if need be.
That’s why I love July’s DAZZLE Exclusive by Lurve.


Mermaid’s Holiday Mini dress is mesh body compatible
as well as standard sizes in choice colors of
Rose Bud, Sea Blue, Aqua, God and Red.
However, Lurve didn’t stop there.
As an added bonus, you’ll also receive a Necklace, Bracelets
and Starfish Hair Decoration.
Who says you need a tail to look gorgeous in water?

Dress: Mermaid’s Holiday Mini
Bracelets, Necklace & Starfish Hair Decoration included

Hair: Naomi – Doux
Shoes: Sutra II – alaskametro
Leg Warmers: Winter Socks – Flecha
Earrings: Hoop Medium – Soedara
Makeup: Whimsy – alaskametro
Tattoo: Mer Scales – Even~Tide
Polish: Toes in the Sand – Mani Pedi (July DAZZLE Exclusive)
Location: The Outer Garden

Sticky Sweet


“I’m hot, sticky sweet
From my head to my feet, yeah.”

Pour Some Sugar On Me by Def Leppard has always been
one of my favorites.  If I’m in a club, real life or otherwise,
it always gets me movin’.  It’s one of those songs
that seems to unite everyone under it’s voice causing all
to pump fists and sing along.
Bloom, a DAZZLE Event Exclusive by Le’La also has a similar affect.


Well, there’s no denying Bloom is that.
She’s short with a ruffled hem and barely  holding on
by one shoulder strap.

When near others, theirs eyes will stick — unable to
take them away.  Btw, Bloom doesn’t come with panties.

She’s got that innocent feel to her.
Mesh Body compatible, Bloom’s multicolor HUD
gives variety allowing you to pour your own sugar
on whomever you please….

Dress: Bloom – Le’La (EXCLUSIVE)
Panties: Oakley – Blueberry
Boots: Kaisia – Mutresse
Hair/Turban: Mila – Belle Epoque
Jewelry: Valentina SE Gift – Lazuri
Eyeshadow: Allegra – Booty’s Beauty
Lipstick: Crazy Talk – Booty’s Beauty
Polish: Hanayome – Mani Pedi (June Dazzle)
Photography Location: Comhar Studio, Garden and Caves



to reduce from a solid to a liquid state usually by heat
* to cause to disappear or disperse
* to make tender or gentle

Take your pick of definitions because they all apply to
a DAZZLE Event Exclusive by {Melt}.


Roshanna is a maxi length dress with a Boho feel.
Mesh Body compatible, she comes with a HUD
allowing you to change your look many different ways.
She can be dressed up.
She can be dressed down.
The important thing is that you get this dress!

Dress: Roshanna – Melt (Exclusive)

Hair: Nes – Aibeat
Collar/Cuffs: Dely – shanghai
Earrings: Savannah Pendant – Swallow
Eyeshadow: Fairy Land – Booty’s Beauty
Lipstick: Pumpkin – Soul
Polish: Hanayome – Mani Pedi (Current Dazzle)
Photography Location: Comhar Studio, Garden and Caves