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My Task – 4



Mani Pedi

Nail Polish: Bokeh – Mani Pedi
HUD: 7 Ombre Colors
Mesh Hands/Feet Compatible: Maitreya, Slink & Omega


Luxury Fashion

Outfit: Penelope – Luxury Fashion
Set includes: Dress & Boots
Dress – Mesh Body Compatible: Belleza, Slink & Maitreya
HUD: 10 Texture choices
Boots – Mesh Feet Compatible: Maitreya & Slink
(Black Only)

Stuff in my Closet

Hair/w Hat: Gabby – taketomiWEST
Tights: Nell (#2) – C’est la vie
Eyeshadow: Glitterbug – Booty’s Beauty
Lipstick: Mistress – alaskametro
Prop: Zombie Day Gun – Coming Soon
Umbrella: In the Spring Play – RC Cluster
Hearts: Broken – Upcycled
Pose: Nail (5) – Insomnia Angel
Backdrop/Pose: Hex Wall (posed slightly modified) – Exposeur
Wall Art: Love You Like Biscuits & Gravy – Simply Shelby

Power Up


We’re taking care of it.
Handling it.
Minding our own.
Some of us are in other people’s.
But, I haven’t the time.
I’m too busy getting down to mine.

Day in and day out we are caught up in it.
Our lives demand it.
It interrupts our spare time and we comply.
For, it’s understood that taking care of it
before pleasure is paramount.

Dressing the part is key.
Monkey suit.
Power suit.
LUXE Paris.


Dark, Tweed and in charge,
CEO by LUXE Paris is a Limited Edition for Rock Your Rack.
Consisting of a two piece suit, shoes and handbag,
CEO is compatible with Belleza Venus, Maitreya and
Slink Physique/Hourglass Mesh Bodies/Feet as well as
Fitted Mesh and Standard Sizes for Classic SL avatars.
Her big roomy handbag comes with a holding animation
and is perfect for protecting your future plans.
I know because….

I have my own in the works.
I’m ready for it.
I’m open to it.
And it’s nobody’s…..

Suit/Handbag/Shoes: CEO Limited Edition – LUXE Paris

Hair: seven – lock&tuft
Hairbase/Sideburns: Queen Bee – Studio Exposure
Glasses: Wayla – Z O O M
Necklace: Isa – Meva
Ring: Pearl – Zenith
Eyeshadow: Nella – LIVIA
Lipstick: Raindrop – Booty’s Beauty
Bird: Tweeter Companion – Ohmai Salon
Prop: Donut Cafe Mug – Kei Spot
Pose 1: Why The Hell Not Vol.2 – Focus Poses
Location: Bobtail Bakery
Background: The SugarBowl – Exposeur


I Want It Yesterday


We all have them.
For myself, I insist on having something delicious to eat
while watching my Kdramas.
The experience isn’t nearly as sexy if I don’t.
In Second Life, my demands aren’t nearly as simple.
I must dress according to my way of style and look fierce while doing it.

Well, look who’s here, Everyone.
It’s Wicca Merlin!
What do you have to share with us today?
The Mia Body?
Let’s take a closer look….


The Mia Body is a sexier than whip cream bodysuit currently
at the Red Light District Event.
Compatible with Freya, Hourglass and Maitreya Bodies only,
Mia comes with a Multi-color and Metal HUD to mix and match her body,
straps and metal your way.
You demand attention, versatility and an original?
Mia delivers!
Gawd, I love Wicca’s Wardrobe.
She makes me feel all fuzzy inside.
Give me a kiss.
That was a demand ……

Bodysuit: Mia Body – Wicca’s Wardrobe
Hair/Harness: Control – Spellbound
Collar: Asema – Wicca’s Wardrobe
Garter/Gun: Viper – KC Couture
Prop: Green Balloon: Exposeur
Poses: Disseminated Anime Style # 27 & 29 – Bauhaus Movement
Neon Sign: Hold me, Kiss me, Love me – Avenge

Shine Bright or Bust


I admit it.
I’m stressed.
I’ve bitten off quite a bit and although I can chew it,
it’s as tough as shoe leather.
But, I’m gonna shine regardless!

On those days when I feel my light is dimming,
glancing at my nails is a guaranteed pick-me-up.
The DAZZLE Event holds the key to my salvation with
some of the most festive nail polish in Second Life.
I’m speaking of Calypso by Mani Pedi.

~Mani Pedi~ Calypso Polish Applier

A DAZZLE Exclusive, Calypso is pretty shinny with colors that
will match nearly every garment in your wardrobe.
Appliers included are for Maitreya, Slink & Omega.
With just one click of the HUD, your fingers and toesy woesies
will glimmer for all to see.
Now, if I can just nail down a date….
(pun intended)

Polish: Calypso – Mani Pedi
Negligee: Lana – Valentina E.
Hair: Samantha – D!va
Rings: Lexis – Candy Crunchers
Makeup: Beach Day – alaskametro
Cellphone: #pinupselfie – Exposeur

Somebody’s Gotta Do It

It's A Dirty Job

Taking out the trash. <frowns>
Changing a poopy diaper. <gags>
Cleaning public restrooms. <faints>
They’re all dirty  jobs and yes, someone has to do them.
But, let me enlighten you….
Dirty jobs are much easier when you’re looking fresh in Wicca’s Wardrobe.
And she’s done it again.
Not once, but twice…!

Its A Dirty Job2

Currently @ Black Fair, Tia Top & Jeans wait for you to snatch them up
before heading to work.
They’re a tough duo with HUDS granting colors and patterns
up the ying-yang.
Compatible with Freya, Hourglass and Maitreya Mesh Bodies,
this outfit will help you through those nasty chores.
Wear together.  Wear them separate, but just WEAR THEM!

Wading through the muck and mire is a cinch
while wearing Wicca’s Eve Booties.
On sale @ Blush, these Booties’ Mega Pack contains
Light & Dark Edition color HUDs that are interchangeable,
allowing a wide range of customization.
They are compatible with Belezza, Maitreya and Slink feet.
Wear them alone (we want pictures or it didn’t happen).
Wear them with Tia (we still want pictures),
but just WEAR THEM!


Outfit: Tia Top & Jeans – Wicca’s Wardrobe
Shoes: Eve Booties [Mega Pack] – Wicca’s Wardrobe

Hat: Destiny Helmet – Bamse
Glove: Kat Fingerless – Revolt
Weapon: Menance Hammer – AsteroidBox
Makeup: Ares – Ghost’Ink
Lips: Fall Shimmer Lipstick – Livia
Polish: Dirty II – La Boheme
Tattoo: Dirty Wastelander – flit ink
Backdrop: Pipes – Exposeur

Emerald City

Off to See the Wizard

I’m off to see the Wizard.
Or in this case, the Wizardess!
Sweet E’s has weaved her magical spell @ April’s DAZZLE Event and conjured up something mesmerizing for us.

Emerald City

In many different hues of green, Breanna (Teal Rose Lace)
is a gorgeous gown that falls just above your feet.  Her plunging neckline and hip hugging sash embellished with a large peacock tail – like clasp,
accentuates the curves of a woman’s body.
She is Mesh Body compatible and comes in Classic Standard sizes.
Breanna is also a DAZZLE Exclusive
and will fade away at the end of month.

Gown: Breanna (Teal Rose Lace) – Sweet E’s Designs
Hair: Callirrhoe – Zibska
Mask: Vine – Chimeric Fashions
Jewelry: Heritage Pearl – Lazuri
Gloves: Metallic Design Jewell Tones – Sweet Tea
Shoes: Adore Heels – KC Couture
Eyeshadow: Sugar – alaskametro
Lips: Lori Lipstick – Livia
Toenail Polish: Pride – alaskametro
Backdrop: Marrakesh Door – Exposeur