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Joe Fox (Tom Hanks): It wasn’t…personal.

Kathleen Kelly(Meg Ryan): What is that supposed to mean? I am so sick of that. All that means is that it wasn’t personal to *you*. But, it was personal to me. It’s *personal* to a lot of people. And what’s so wrong with being personal, anyway?

Joe: Uh, nothing.

Kathleen: Whatever else anything is, it ought to begin by being personal.

~ You’ve Got Mail ~

Of all the movies I’ve watched in my lifetime with characters
spitting their knowledge on life, I’d have to say that
Kathleen Kelly’s Personal quote has been the most memorable for me.
Meg nailed it. I haven’t watched You’ve Got Mail in years,
yet what she says in this scene has stuck with me.
I can hear her voice now…”But, it was personal to me.”
What are we?
A bunch of machines?
Is The Tinman a distant relative, thus we have no heart?
Do we really interact with others on a daily basis using
“It’s not personal” as a license to do to them as we please?

I’m gonna spank ya right now, so bend over.
Repeat after me…
It’s Personal.
One more time.
It’s Personal.
Thank you.

So, what brought all of this on?
Xfinity — the Home of Comcast.
Lord, these folks!
I wish unto the Heavens my former ISP had not done an Elvis (left the building).
I had no other choice but Comcast.
Over the years, I’d heard horror stories about their lousy service
figuring it couldn’t be that bad.
It can.
It IS!
The past few days have been a nightmare with their iffy service —
not knowing when it will go down and for how long.
Thursday topped the outage list with 17 hours without internet.
Perhaps today will be a new record as I’m literally creating this post via WordPad.
Contacting them brings on a whole new set of frustrations, too.
First, you have to get through their phony female machine
with it’s fake typing sound effect as it looks up your information.
That process takes even longer if you owe them money.
How dare they speak to you about owing anything when they can’t
provide what you signed up for.
The ingrates!
When I finally reach a “real person”, she began with
the standard, “I’m so sorry for the inconvenience.”
No you’re not!
That’s something you spit out in hopes that it will calm the complaintive.
It fuels my fire.
She was reading.
Everything she spoke to me was prompted.
How do I know?
No matter what I said to her, she kept repeating the same thing and would at times respond with something unrelated to my question.
“We will be refunding everyone for the time outage.”
I didn’t ask that. Nowhere did you hear me mention money.
She wasn’t personal.
Her superiors do not see us as individuals and find it easier to deal via note cards.
I’m so sick of that.
I’m flesh and blood here.
Approach me as the person that I am.

As I sit here without net access, I’m thankful that I was able to capture images of Zibska‘s contribution to this October’s We ♥ Role-play when it was up.
It would have been an utter shame to miss informing you about Bellona and Fini.


Bellona is a gorgeous Eyemakeup palette of 15
bold colors as only Zibska can do.
Glistening and attracting eyes to your own,
Bellona comes complete with appliers for
Letlutka, LAQ, Omega and Catwa.
Tattoo layers are also included for Classic Avatars.
Also available, but not pictured, is Bellona Lipstick
and Bellona Brows, as well.

Rounding out my personable look is Fini.
Boasting 21 color choices, Fini is one hell of a lipstick palette.
Zibska has made sure that no one is left out by offering
Letlutka, LAQ, Omega and Catwa appliers, as well as,
Tattoo Layers all in one pack.
These lippies will be my goto sticks!
I love the way they shape my lips inviting a more
up close and personal experience.
As with Bellona, Fini also comes in an Eyemakeup Palette.
With 15 colors, you can’t go wrong.
And btw, Zibska is having a 50L Marketplace Cosmetic Sale
until October 22nd.  So hurry!

Zib Scaggs, Zibska CEO and Creator is personable.
She’s approachable.
She listens.
And she puts out some of the best damn-ass makeup and
imaginative accessories on the grid.
Over the years, I have run to her products time and time again and will continue until the day she decides to stop.
Thanks, Zibb.
Thanks for being personal.

You get my High FURshion stamp of approval!
Furshion Approved

Well, looka here.
The internet is up.
I better post this before…..

Eyemakeup: Bellona – Zibska
Lipstick: Fini – Zibska

Jewelry Set: Elestren – Beloved Jewelry (@ the current Dazzle Event)
Jumpsuit: Rougue Ruffle – Hilly Haalan
Head Accessory: Summer Garden Wreath – LODE
Hair: Nita – Discord Designs
Nails: Jelly Bento – LIVIA
Fred: Bull – Digital Farm System
Plants: Tomatoes – Digital Farm System
Pose1: Portrait Photography (modified) – K&S
Pose2: lillian (bento) – Serendipity

I Just Wanted A Burger

I Just Wanted A Burger

The year a profound movie was released.
Well, profound for me, anyway.
Falling Down, starring Michael Douglas, depicts a man who has,
well…lost his marbles.
My favorite scene is when he walks into a fast food joint
toting a bag full of guns.
He orders breakfast.
The employees tell him that’s impossible since they stopped serving
breakfast three minutes earlier.  Three minutes, ya’ll.
Three lousy minutes.
All they had to do was be more observant
(the man was obviously going over the edge),
give him his breakfast and he would have left in peace.
But, no…..(insert cursing, screaming and the like right here)

Luckily, you get exactly what you want @ Wicca’s Wardrobe.
This time, she has brought us Footwear that should be
in every woman’s closet.
Valkyrie Boots (Maitreya only) are magnificent with their
realistic details and a HUD that could leave the indecisive
changing colors for hours.
You’ll find these precious gems @ Ironwood Hills’ Paranoia Event 2018,
so sashay on over there before the event closes.

But wait!
There’s more……

In Prozac's Clutches

Wicca’s Wardrobe is also extending two gifts!
That’s right.
FREEEE…as in zero dollars.
And I don’t mean some rinky dink little something that you
take just because it’s free and trash it later.
No Ladies and Gentlemen (Yup.  There’s something for you, too),
these offerings are fab and should be worn as soon as possible.
I’m speaking of the Chiara Black Bloody Bodysuit
and Psycho Bloody Masks for both Female and Male.
(See images above)

So, now I’m set.
Boots, Bodysuit & Mask.
<grabs her bat>
I’m coming for ya, you breakfast denying plebs!

Btw, I look like Grace Jones in that first image, huh?


Boots: Valkyrie – Wicca’s Wardrobe
Outfit: Chiara Body (Black Bloody) GIFT – Wicca’s Wardrobe
Mask: Psycho (Bloody Female) Black GIFT – Wicca’s Wardrobe


Accessory: Neck Corset – Silvery K
Gloves: Raye – Revolt
Hair: Bouncer – Discord Designs
Hairbase: Jill Shaved – Slack Girl
Tattoo: Blood and Wounds Applier – Izzie’s
Prop: Baseball Bat – Schadenfreude
Photography Location: Apocalypse CCS