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That’s Cold

Winter is upon us!


Christmas Countdown

One secret Christmas Special everyday!
Free for Wicca’s Wardrobe Group Members! (Yaaay)
50 L$ for non Group Members (Now, why aren’t you a member?)

Outfit (Dress/Boots): Tabitha – Wicca’s Wardrobe
Body Compatibility: Maitreya, Belleza & Slink
Color: Blue & White

Timeline: 12/14 – 12/24


Winter’s Hallow 2018

Eyemakeup: Eirlys – Zibska
Head Compatibility: Lelutka, LAQ, Catwa, Omega & Tattoo Layers
HUD: 12 Gotta Have Colors!
Eirlys Lips are available as well as a 5L Hunt Gift for the Eirlys Headpiece

Timeline: 12/14 – 12/31



Collar: Merida – Wicca’s Wardrobe
Chest Accessory: Pip – Zibska
Lipstick: Mage – alaskametro

Hair: KOM372 – booN
Hairpiece: Mae004 – booN
Hairbase: Gathered Raised – booN
Gloves: ABBE – amias
Tights: Aria Garter – Luxuria
Earrings: Vita – ieQED
Nailpolish: Flakes Blue (GG) – ZOZ
Stuffie: Store Reindeer Hopper (GG) – ZOZ

My Task – 5




Sweater & Skirt Outfit: Salma – zOOm
Mesh Body Compatible: eBody, Freya, Isis, Slink & Maitreya
HUD: Sweater (Two Textures – Black/Grey) & Skirt 12 Textures


Chop Zuey

Jewelry: Lady Ba of the Nine Heavens Gold Face Piercing Collection – Chop Zuey
Set includes Piercings for: Eyes(Brows), Nose, Cheeks, Labrette A/B & Septum
HUD: 6 Jewels & 6 Pearls. Resizer option
Mani Pedi

Nail Polish: Bokeh – Mani Pedi
HUD: 7 Ombre Colors
Mesh Hands/Feet Compatible: Maitreya, Slink & Omega

Stuff in my Closet

Hair: Mimmi – Vanity Hair
Shoes: Lust Boots – Sage
Tights: Chevron – Izzie’s
Scarf: Owlsome – MoonAmore+Cureless
Eyeshadow: Queenie – Supernatural
Lipstick: Tess – LIVIA
Pose1: Leaning Wall – Korper Poses
Pose2: allison – Serendipity
Background: Neon Grid #3 – RAMA

My Task – 2



Chop Zuey

Jewelry: Fairy Bold White Demi ParureChop Zuey
Set includes: Choker & Earrings (worn as Bindi) Resizer Option


Mutiny in Heaven

Dress: Lei e il Capo Coat DressMutiny in Heaven
Mesh Bodies Compatible: Belleza, Maitreya, Slink & Classic Fitted
HUD: 11 Color choices

Shoes: Lei e il Capo Thigh BootsMutiny in Heaven
Mesh Bodies Compatible: Belleza, Maitreya & Slink
HUD: 11 Color choices

Stuff in my Closet

Hair: Signe – KoKoLoReS
Gloves: The Zoo – F&M Panic
Eyeshadow: Rustic – Veechi
Lipstick: Harvest Lip Glaze – Veechi
Poses: Disseminated Anime Style – Bauhaus Movement

Pay Attention


It’s hard.
Not multi-tasking and giving one single item,
task or idea your undivided attention.
Tis the way of the world.
There’s no time for idle time and being in the moment is all in the past.
For the next few moments, pay attention and concentrate on this….
Rock Your Rack, now in it’s 6th year raising funds to support
the National Breast Cancer Foundation,
has raised over $1500 US Dollars so far.
Beginning a mere 9 days ago, they have topped their records from last year.
Designers who have made this possible are:


The later presents us with two offerings of makeup that only she can bring.
Alaskametro‘s New Wave takes us Retro with its stunning
Palette for Lips and Eyes.
Appliers are sold separately for Lelutka, Catwa & Omega
as well as Bakes-on-Mesh Layers in the Fatpack.
Alaska is donating 100% of New Wave’s proceeds to the event.

Her second offering is Instaglam, a limited set of dark glitter lipsticks
just in time for Autumn.
Sold in Fatpacks only, appliers include Lelutka, Catwa and Omega
as well as Bakes-on-Mesh Layers.
100%  of it’s proceeds are donated, as well.
To reach Alaskametro’s RYR booth directly, click HERE.


Deborah Vos, CEO of DE.Boutique brings a Call of Beauty
to the Rack with Berry.
Standing at attention, the Berry Outfit is a long-sleeve mini Dress
titled Esther along with thigh-high CeCe Boots
Compatible with Maitreya, Belleza and Slink Mesh Bodies, this set is
Limited and only available during the event.

Well, now.
You are released.
I no longer need your undivided attention.
I’ve said all I need to say for now.

Oh, wait.
One last thing.
Have I told you lately just how amazing you are……


Eyemakeup: New Wave – Alaskametro
Lipstick: Instaglam *Limited* – Alaskametro
Outfit: Berry – DE.Boutique

Hair: Yonce – ItGirls
Hat/Necklace/Cuff/Pipe: Admiral Lenore – Tentacio
Pose 1: moment wait – K&S
Pose 2: Strike – K&S (modified)
Location: The Wastelands

I Woke Up Laughing


You should get yourself a husband!

That’s the last line a female (unknown) said to me while I was napping.
I woke up laughing.
No joke.
I literally woke up laughing my butt off.
A husband?
I need one of those like I need another pair of ears.
What I need is more color in my life.
More color is definitely in order.


There’s mutiny afoot!
More like Mutiny in Heaven, who turns the DAZZLE Event upside down
with their Net Beach Dresses, Palette Stringkini and Palette M Thigh Boots.

Covering Dazzle’s Mondrian theme for August from
top to bottom (literally), Mutiny in Heaven brings us variety.
The Net Beach Dresses come in a plethora of patterns —
10 at my last count.
Skulls, Flowers, Tiny net, Thick net, Hearts and more…
Each comes with two versions included.
One using alpha masking and the other alpha blending
Now you can comfortably wear them with
nothing underneath (I dare ya)
or with the included Palette Stringkini.
This skinny two piece swimwear emulates Piet Mondrian’s
famous design to a tee.
But, I bet he never thought art could look this sexy.
Covering where you want it to and not in the places you don’t,
this Palette is meant to be admired.
It comes with a mix and match HUD allowing you to
choose between 3 Mondrian textures for the top
and 3 for the bottom.

Lastly, Mutiny brings us the Pallet M Thigh Boots.
They scream Mondrian with primary colors lain
perfectly between each crease and fold.
See the bold black lines outlining the left ankle
and the right knee?

All three Mutiny designs are compatible with most mesh bodies,
so there’s no excuse for you not to whiz on by
and let Heaven dazzle you……

Dress: Net Beach Flower – Mutiny in Heaven
Swimwear: Palette Stringkini – Mutiny in Heaven
Boots: Palette M – Mutiny in Heaven

Skin: May – Alaskametro (On9)
Hair: Ethan – EliMent
Eyeshadow: Glitter Liner – ARTE
Lipstick – Invocation Revolution – Avada
Prop: Binoculars – RC Cluster

Bringing the Heat


I don’t know why I love Disco so much.
Perhaps it’s because the height of it’s popularity was during
my adolescence.  Being raised a church girl, I secretly
wanted to be free, laugh and dance like the others my age.
Well, that was then and Summer Heat is now!

Exclusive to the DAZZLE Event, ROA brings us a sweet and sexy dress
perfect for raising temperatures.


Summer Heat is light and airy — the perfect combination
for those who got to boogie.
She comes with two texture HUDS, is compatible with most Mesh Bodies
and gives me the inspiration to dance like I’m a teenager again.

Grab her.
Wear her.
Be sexy.

Dress: Summer Heat – ROA

Boots: Jenkins Block – Heels @ Designer Showcase
Hair: Lida – Sintiklia
Shades: Sarie Fashion – Z O O M
Tights: Sheer – Izzie’s
Bracelets: Claire – AvaWay
Lips: Mistress – alaskametro
Polish: Ombre Night – ZOZ
Location: The Whale

I Just Wanted A Burger

I Just Wanted A Burger

The year a profound movie was released.
Well, profound for me, anyway.
Falling Down, starring Michael Douglas, depicts a man who has,
well…lost his marbles.
My favorite scene is when he walks into a fast food joint
toting a bag full of guns.
He orders breakfast.
The employees tell him that’s impossible since they stopped serving
breakfast three minutes earlier.  Three minutes, ya’ll.
Three lousy minutes.
All they had to do was be more observant
(the man was obviously going over the edge),
give him his breakfast and he would have left in peace.
But, no…..(insert cursing, screaming and the like right here)

Luckily, you get exactly what you want @ Wicca’s Wardrobe.
This time, she has brought us Footwear that should be
in every woman’s closet.
Valkyrie Boots (Maitreya only) are magnificent with their
realistic details and a HUD that could leave the indecisive
changing colors for hours.
You’ll find these precious gems @ Ironwood Hills’ Paranoia Event 2018,
so sashay on over there before the event closes.

But wait!
There’s more……

In Prozac's Clutches

Wicca’s Wardrobe is also extending two gifts!
That’s right.
FREEEE…as in zero dollars.
And I don’t mean some rinky dink little something that you
take just because it’s free and trash it later.
No Ladies and Gentlemen (Yup.  There’s something for you, too),
these offerings are fab and should be worn as soon as possible.
I’m speaking of the Chiara Black Bloody Bodysuit
and Psycho Bloody Masks for both Female and Male.
(See images above)

So, now I’m set.
Boots, Bodysuit & Mask.
<grabs her bat>
I’m coming for ya, you breakfast denying plebs!

Btw, I look like Grace Jones in that first image, huh?


Boots: Valkyrie – Wicca’s Wardrobe
Outfit: Chiara Body (Black Bloody) GIFT – Wicca’s Wardrobe
Mask: Psycho (Bloody Female) Black GIFT – Wicca’s Wardrobe


Accessory: Neck Corset – Silvery K
Gloves: Raye – Revolt
Hair: Bouncer – Discord Designs
Hairbase: Jill Shaved – Slack Girl
Tattoo: Blood and Wounds Applier – Izzie’s
Prop: Baseball Bat – Schadenfreude
Photography Location: Apocalypse CCS