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Taste Like Chicken


Every time I hear anything about something tasting like chicken,
my mind immediately goes back to Mike Tyson and the meme created
after he bit Evander Holyfield’s ear back in 2012.
They involve more than just the recollection of the mind.
You can smell Memories.
Hear them.
See them.
Feel them and yes
even taste them.

As we age, incidents from the past begin to resurface.
Sometimes for me, the negative ones try to take lead,
but I won’t allow it.
Why brood over something that happened 35 years ago?
Tis silly.
Instead, I have been focusing more on the simple.
For example, the hot summers I’d spent at a relative’s house
somewhere in the desert of California.
The name of the town escapes me, but it’s sizzling heat does not (Feel).
It’s a place that has the worst tasting water I have ever ingested in my life! (Taste)
And nothing visually captivating to look at, either.(See)
But, it was the nights…
Aaaah…the nights I remember the most.
When it was time for bed and I lay in front of their swamp cooler
all nice and comfy, the days discomfort passed away as I reach out
to their cold metal Goddess (Touch).

I have such memories in Second Life, too.
How someone wonderful took me under her wing.
Shaped me into the being that I am.
Encouraged me.
Stood by me.
Accepted my mistakes
and loved me for who I am.
That someone…
is Wicca Merlin.

I would do anything for Wicca.
Bend over backwards, forwards and beg on my knees.
That’s saying a lot from a woman
as strong-willed as I.
She is my Second Life and if anything were
to happen to her, I’m not sure I could carry on.
This is why when negative memories of SL resurface,
I squash them by creating new ones with Wicca in mind and
her Bloodshed Gloves give me plenty opportunities to do so.


Currently at the Ironwood Hills Event,
Wicca’s Wardrobe‘s Bloodshed Bento Enabled Gloves come in two versions.
Bloody and Clean (I’m wearing Clean).
Both have a six color HUD to customize the Arm, Glove and Plate parts separately.
The option for five Metals to change the Fingers, Claws, Spikes, Wire and Metal Plates individually are also a click away.
They are simply magnificent and receives the High FURshion Stamp of Approval!

Furshion Approved

As for me, I’m conjuring up something tasty.
It’s going to be otherworldly, deep-fried and crispy.
Will it be memorable?
We shall see…..

Gloves: Bloodshed (Clean) – Wicca’s Wardrobe

Corset/Panty: Jordan – Wicca’s Wardrobe
Pants: Alley Cat Leggings: Sn@tch
Hat: Esma Witch V2 – Momoko
Hairpiece/Base: Mae004 – booN
Eyewear: Bone Goggles – Spyralle
Collar: Sidney’s Gem Lace – On A Lark
Lipstick: Lady Venom – Alaskametro
Cat: Chubby Loaf – Jian
Pose1: The Lean – Zzang
Book/Pose: Spell Book for The Good – RC Cluster
Hearse: White – brocante

I Just Wanted A Burger

I Just Wanted A Burger

The year a profound movie was released.
Well, profound for me, anyway.
Falling Down, starring Michael Douglas, depicts a man who has,
well…lost his marbles.
My favorite scene is when he walks into a fast food joint
toting a bag full of guns.
He orders breakfast.
The employees tell him that’s impossible since they stopped serving
breakfast three minutes earlier.  Three minutes, ya’ll.
Three lousy minutes.
All they had to do was be more observant
(the man was obviously going over the edge),
give him his breakfast and he would have left in peace.
But, no…..(insert cursing, screaming and the like right here)

Luckily, you get exactly what you want @ Wicca’s Wardrobe.
This time, she has brought us Footwear that should be
in every woman’s closet.
Valkyrie Boots (Maitreya only) are magnificent with their
realistic details and a HUD that could leave the indecisive
changing colors for hours.
You’ll find these precious gems @ Ironwood Hills’ Paranoia Event 2018,
so sashay on over there before the event closes.

But wait!
There’s more……

In Prozac's Clutches

Wicca’s Wardrobe is also extending two gifts!
That’s right.
FREEEE…as in zero dollars.
And I don’t mean some rinky dink little something that you
take just because it’s free and trash it later.
No Ladies and Gentlemen (Yup.  There’s something for you, too),
these offerings are fab and should be worn as soon as possible.
I’m speaking of the Chiara Black Bloody Bodysuit
and Psycho Bloody Masks for both Female and Male.
(See images above)

So, now I’m set.
Boots, Bodysuit & Mask.
<grabs her bat>
I’m coming for ya, you breakfast denying plebs!

Btw, I look like Grace Jones in that first image, huh?


Boots: Valkyrie – Wicca’s Wardrobe
Outfit: Chiara Body (Black Bloody) GIFT – Wicca’s Wardrobe
Mask: Psycho (Bloody Female) Black GIFT – Wicca’s Wardrobe


Accessory: Neck Corset – Silvery K
Gloves: Raye – Revolt
Hair: Bouncer – Discord Designs
Hairbase: Jill Shaved – Slack Girl
Tattoo: Blood and Wounds Applier – Izzie’s
Prop: Baseball Bat – Schadenfreude
Photography Location: Apocalypse CCS